SEC Headlines – 10/12/12


1.  There’s room for improvement in Florida’s downfield passing game.

2.  Georgia’s fine start to the season has been marred by Saturday’s big loss at South Carolina.

3.  Kentucky is traveling to Arkansas with 68 players this weekend… and 42 of them are sophomores or younger.  (Ticket sales would suffer, but youth and injuries really might buy Joker Phillips another year.)

4.  South Carolina has gone from a 50-to-1 shot of winning the BCS title to a 7-to-1 shot according to the folks in Vegas.

5.  Tennessee D-line coach John Palermo wants nose tackle Daniel McCullers to get mad dog mean.

6.  Vanderbilt running back Zac Stacy has become a team leader in Nashville.

7.  Missouri’s battered offensive line will get its toughest test yet from Alabama.  (Though South Carolina’s pretty darn good, too.)


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